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Bowling Club

Monday 7.15 – 10.00 p.m.

Members of the Magheramason Bowling club meet each Monday evening for practice and competitions and has currently 23 members (of all ages from teenagers to octogenarians) enjoying the game of bowls.

The Club has two teams competing in the "B" section of the local Church’s league,
and hold an annual open tournament at the end of December/ beginning of January each year.

The current captain is Mr John Hamilton who was elected captain at the AGM in March 2015.      He took over as captain from Mr John Kincaid  in September 2015 at  the start of the
2015/2016 season.


Magheramason Bowling Club 50th Anniversary

Magheramason Bowling Club celebrated their 50th Anniversary on Friday
10 April 2015 with a night of fun bowls for present members, past members and guests,
followed by a meal in the Church Hall. Mrs May Doherty shared memories of the
past 50 years in poetic form, and Mr Raymond Hutcheson and Mr John Kincaid
thanked and paid tribute to all who had supported and contributed to the success 
of the bowling club, and also Mrs June McClure convenor of the
Waterside Churches’ league.


50 Years of Bowling by May Doherty (10 April 2015)

A meeting was held – A decision was made,
In the autumn of sixty four.
M’mason was forming a bowling club.
Half a century ago, - plus a little bit more.
Then in January nineteen sixty five
M’mason Bowling Club first began
It’s still going strong, after fifty years.
All part of God’s Infinite Plan.
With help from Dr F.W.C Wallace
A second hand mat and bowls were acquired, with
Another set purchased from M&M Scott, (Diamond L,derry)
Now the bowling club had all it required.
The mats with separate underfelt
Measured nine feet wide
Even though, the bowls were a much smaller size
“The Stick” in the middle still got knocked to one side.
Wednesday night was “bowling night”, and
Was held in the big main hall
With membership reaching to fifty three
It meant, one game each – that was all.
The first secretary was Mrs Lorna McNeely; who arranged
Many “friendlies” with clubs round about.
With his tournament-running abilities and bowling skills
Noel McCrea is a winner. Of that there’s no doubt.
M’mason held an annual “Bowlers” service
Supported by neighbouring clubs round about
Then sadly, for whatever reason,
This church event just ‘FIZZLED OUT’.
Lasting Friendships were formed, through playing bowls.
Leaving memories so precious indeed.
Like the ‘Peggy McKeegan special’
When the bowl hit the jack at some speed.
Thank you Lord, for this bowling club
For your blessings o’er the past fifty years
For the many bowlers, you have now called to rest
With whom we’ve shared fellowship, laughter and tears.
May this bowling club go from strength to strength
With each member doing their bit.
May God richly bless you in the years ahead.
As the saying goes – just keep ‘er lit.


 Annual tourament being played. 

Time to call for the measure!


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